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Are you ready for pure ear euphoria? Engineered with a new, eco-friendly, digital power supply that delivers superior performance without the conventional heavy transformers, the AVR 3700 will fill your home with a mighty 125-watts-per-channel while Dolby® and DTS® processing create a 3D surround-sound experience. Eight HDMI® inputs, including one on the front panel, ensure that you can play virtually any high-definition video source including Blu-ray™ discs, DVDs, HDTV programs and video games. Thanks to AirPlay and Wi-Fi® connectivity, you can retrieve nearly endless flows of music without wires. And the system’s easy to use, because the AVR 3700’s intuitive, high-definition graphical menu, remote control, available mobile app and EzSet/EQ™ calibration simplify operation and setup.
En résumé:
  • Experience audio on an entirely different level thanks to 7.2-channel sound powered at 125 watts per channel
  • Lose yourself in an immersive, high-resolution sound environment with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding.
  • Treat your ears to an abundance of superior sound with the AVR 3700’s Multizone functionality that let’s you simultaneously play two different sound sources in two different zones.
  • 7.2-channel sound at 125 watts per channel (two channels driven @ 8 ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz, less than 0.07% THD)
  • Multizone functionality with Zone II remote
  • Built-in Wi-Fi networking
  • DLNA 1.5 certified connectivity
  • HARMAN Music Manager (available as a free download)
  • AirPlay via WiFi or wired connection
  • Eco-friendly design
  • EzSet/EQ calibration
  • USB port for connection to Apple devices or USB drives
  • vTuner Internet radio
  • HK Remote Control app
  • HDMI inputs with 3D, CEC and Deep Color; two HDMI outputs
Contenu de la boite:
  • 1 AVR 3700 audio/video receiver
  • 1 main-system remote control with batteries
  • 1 Zone II remote control with batteries
  • 1 AM loop antenna
  • 1 FM antenna
  • 1 EzSet/EQ microphone
  • Quick-start guide
Improve the sound and video from every one of your audio or video devices to a world of glorious, enveloping surround sound and video, up to the latest 4K technology. Even if you already have surround-sound speakers, the Harman Kardon® AVR 3700 audio/video receiver’s 7.2-channel audio system will add the dimension of front height to your environment, along with dual subwoofers. The receiver’s Dolby® and DTS® technology will place every musical note and sound effect where it should be while the new lightweight, eco-friendly, digital power supply supports 125-watts-per-channel. And the receiver can handle virtually any medium or sound source. Eight HDMI® inputs, including one on the front panel, ensure connectivity to all your Blu-ray™ or DVD media, HDTV programs and video-game sources, while analog and digital audio input jacks connect you to your familiar legacy components. Built-in Wi-Fi® and AirPlay connectivity keep you cord-free while allowing you to play every song on your computer, tablet, mobile phone and MP3 device. An intuitive, high-definition graphical menu system, remote control, available mobile app and EzSet/EQ™ calibration make setup and operation seem almost too easy for a device this advanced. Your home is a place of pride, beauty and comfort. Bring it to life with sound that is beyond inspiring.
Product Features:
  • 7.2-channel sound at 125 watts per channel
    Harman Kardon engineers have built the AVR 3700 audio/video receiver for a premium home theater experience. No room is too big for this receiver, thanks to its high-current capability and 125 watts per channel. And speaking of the receiver’s channels: With 7.2 of them, the AVR 3700 empowers you to add a vertical dimension to the traditional five-channel surround-sound setup, with two front-height channels. The “.2” in “7.2” means that you can easily add a second subwoofer for ultimate bass in large listening rooms.
  • Multizone functionality with Zone II remote
    The AVR 3700 receiver can simultaneously play two different sound sources in two different zones. When you choose to connect your main system to 5.1 channels, you can use the receiver’s other two sound channels as an independent system in a second room. An included Zone II IR (infrared) remote control ensures that the people in the second zone can make their own choices without ever having to leave the zone.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi networking capability
    Who knew that streaming audio could sound so amazing? The AVR 3700 lets you listen to almost any sound file stored on your home network. Access computer files wirelessly. Combine WiFi audio with AirPlay; you’ll make your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad sound better than you ever thought possible – and you won’t have to connect any additional cords or use an Ethernet cable.
  • DLNA 1.5 certified connectivity
    Hear your networked media sources as never before in pitch-perfect surround sound. DLNA® 1.5 enables the AVR 3700 to stream audio from the devices on your home network using the receiver’s built-in Wi-Fi technology or an Ethernet connection, which allow you to enjoy audio and video at a quality that you would not have thought possible.
  • HARMAN Music Manager (available as a free download)
    This free, downloadable software enables your AVR 3700 to enjoy DLNA compatibility with your Mac OS devices or Windows® operating system. And it helps organize and clean up the cover art on your music files.
  • AirPlay
    Hear how truly amazing your streaming music can sound. AirPlay allows you to stream music wirelessly from compatible iOS® devices and from the iTunes service through your AVR 3700 for superb audio.
  • Eco-friendly design
    Lighter. Greener. Louder. The AVR 3700 uses a custom designed digital power supply that delivers the amplifier power and superior sound you expect from Harman Kardon without the need for hefty transformers. The result is the same power as conventional designs with a lower overall carbon footprint impact.
  • EzSet/EQ calibration
    Harman Kardon’s EzSet/EQ system automatically sets key system parameters and fine-tunes the AVR 3700’s sound to your specific listening room with the press of a few buttons.
  • USB port
    Your AVR 3700 doesn’t need a docking station. Instead, its front-panel USB port allows an easy-access connection point for compatble iOS devices. It even lets you access music stored on a flash drive. Furthermore, the included AVR remote gives you a convenient way to control many connected devices.
  • vTuner Internet radio
    Enjoy many of your favorite radio stations, podcasts and Internet-only programming from around the globe in outstanding surround sound on your AVR 3700. vTuner® technology gives you quick, easy access to your favorite online shows.
Manuals & Downloads:
Caractéristiques Générales:
Transient intermodulation distortion (TIM):
Multichannel Power (all channels driven)
125 watts/ch, 20Hz – 20kHz, less than 0.07% THD, two channels driven @ 8 ohms, 6-ohm certified
Power Consumption (full power/idle)
120W idle; 1405W maximum (7 channels driven)
Audio Specifications:
High Instantaneous Current Capability
±45 amps
Stereo Power
125 watts/ch, 20Hz – 20kHz, less than 0.07% THD, both channels driven @ 8 ohms, 6-ohm certified
Stereo Separation @ 1kHz (dB)
40dB @ 1kHz
Bandwidth @ 1W (+0dB/–3dB)
10Hz – 130kHz
Input Sensitivity/Impedence
200mV/47k ohms
Usable Sensitivity (IHF)
Output Level/Impedence (ohm)
1Vp-p/75 ohms
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (dB)
Input Level/Impedence (ohm)
1Vp-p/75 ohms
Frequency Range (MHz)
Selectivity (±10kHz):
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Mono/Stereo dB)
Usable Sensitivity (Loop)
Distortion (Mono/Stereo)
Surround system adjacent-channel separation:
Dolby Pro Logic® I/II
Signal-to-noise Ratio (IHF-A) (dB)
Distortion (1kHz, 50% mod)
50%, mod 0.8%
Selectivity (±400kHz):
Frequency Range (kHz)
520kHz – 1720kHz
System Specifications:
Power Requirement
AC 120V/60Hz
Width (in)
17-5/16" inches
Depth (in)
6-1/2" x 15" inches
Depth (mm)
Height (in)
6-1/2" inches
Weight (lb)
17.6 lb
Width (mm)
440 mm
Height (mm)
Video Specifications:
Video Frequency Response (Component Video)
10Hz – 8MHz (–3dB)
Image Rejection (dB)
Television Format
IF Rejection (dB)
AVR 3700 est évalué 3.2 de 5 de 14.
Rated 4 de 5 de par Solid Performance, Software Bugs I purchased the receiver shortly after it came out. I have two cherry JBL Studio 880s attached to it and it really performs as well as I would have hoped. I purchased the receiver over the lower tier ones for the bells and whistles. Stuff like air play, wireless network connectivity and such. I'm really hoping for a software update however. During lengthy airplay streams over an hour or so the unit will occasionally drop connection with an airplay device, or while watching a movie on the computer while being connected over optical, the unit will put itself into sleep mode despite clearly being used and receiving a signal. All and in all I am satisfied, but these two particular issues detract from the premium experience I was expecting.
Date de publication: 2014-02-28
Rated 5 de 5 de par Superbly Powerful I purchased this about 3 months ago as a replacement for an AVR 8000. I too was concerned as to wether the newly designed amplifier in the AVR 3700 was still able to produce the same seamless power. It does. This receiver sounds just as beautiful with your favorite film as well as your favorite track. I cannot say enough good things. The on screen user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use.
Date de publication: 2015-05-03
Rated 1 de 5 de par Dud!!! I purchased the Harman Kardon AVR3700 10/2013. This receiver was to replace my HK Signature Series which gave up the ghost. I have since repaired the Signature Series and I am seriously considering reinstalling it into my system. May of 2015 the AVR3700 started shutting down after power up. The problem became so serious I decided to pull the unit from my system. Every time it would power off there would be a loud crackling noise coming through my speakers and sub. Also, there was one HDMI port that had recently failed. Not the kind of craftsmanship I am accustomed to with HK. I looked around for a solution and decided to take the unit in for repair on May 19, 2015 where it has remained as of today. Numerous follow up calls to the "HK authorized repair shop" have given me a series of false hopes. Now the repair technician has told me he is at a loss for why one of the HDMI Ports would be failing. He said he would call HK to see how to proceed. My problem is not with the HK authorized repair shop. My problem is with this 1000.00 unit failing after 1.5 years! I researched all of the reviews for the HK AVR3700 before deciding on a purchase and I am very disappointed!!! Two months without a receiver in my system and having to listen to the horrible speakers on my television is driving me to write this review. Total Fail!!!
Date de publication: 2015-07-22
Rated 4 de 5 de par Quality Reciever Love the look of this AVR. Was skeptical with the reduced weight and how it would compare to my old AVR354. It holds it own. Love the sounds and the power is there when needed. I run Klipsch speakers 5.1 and DefTech outdoor off zone 2. I have had zero issues with the power supply. Not sure how it would do with hard to drive speakers at unrealistic volume levels, but with my set up it has all the guts needed to do the job. The only thing I would like to see on this receiver is a little more room for speaker wire hook up. It is a struggle getting the wires in.
Date de publication: 2014-12-30
Rated 4 de 5 de par Very Nice I picked it up a little over a year ago. When I removed it from the box, I remembered thinking that it felt a little light. I've got amps in storage that weigh more than 40 lbs., and I had this feeling that I may not have the power I like or need. Glad to say I was wrong; it does the job with ease. There are still things I'm learning about it; like I just decided to use the auto speaker setup mike last month, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Welcome to the 21st century; Airplay, Wi-Fi, control with iPad or phone, not to mention it's pretty nice looking in my audio rack. The only issues I have are ease of sound controls and inability to read the front buttons (should be lit, with everything else). Two thumbs up...
Date de publication: 2015-03-08
Rated 2 de 5 de par Nice audio quality, poor 2-zone and settings I bought this AVR-3700 to make a 2 Zones system, with JBL 5.1 roof mount speakers for Zone 1, and Bose 251 speakers for Zone 2. Nice, until I started to setting it out: - Zone two audio source can NOT be a HDMI input. Only Analog inputs are accepted here. - Zone two has no high-pass filter settings available, and no gain/volume limit settings. - Cannot force the Zone-1 to use the 5 speakers when the source is 2-channel stereo. Denon receivers does this. Look's like some small software updates can fix this problems out, but the last software update for this is from 2014, and I bought it on 2015 Q4.
Date de publication: 2016-05-30
Rated 5 de 5 de par Very good unit Hi, I have had this unit for about a week now and this is what i have learned so far. The good. Great looks plenty of power many options to customize your inputs outputs etc. very light unit compared to most harman gear i have owned preouts for all channels Remote is pretty good on this unit however when you use the light function it does not light up all the buttons ( 4 in the upper middle ) Wish list would have liked to be able to assign the unused surround channels to biamp my front speakers there is only 1 component input so make sure all your input gear can do hdmi after using the automatic setup bass was so heavy i had to manual adjust. not had to do that with my previous harman gear. would love to see app support like other devices for netflix hulu etc. no phono input no preout / power-in for seperate eq or processor ( probably not needed for most people ) Conclusion I would recommend this unit to any of my friends who want to spend $900+ on a very nice harman kardon AVR.
Date de publication: 2013-12-03
Rated 4 de 5 de par Overall good value for the $ Purchased this in Sept 2015 to replace my older HK 247. It was an easy replacement, setup was simple. The first thing I noticed was much more detail in movie soundtracks, larger soundstage with more precise imaging. Audio dialog was less muddled and more forward. I could actually turn off the subtitles and lower the volume because I could hear the dialog very precisely for the first time since I have owned home theater equipment (more than 15 years). The difference was not subtle. Two things I don't like are the very bright volume nob, miss the old blue volume control and the lack of a switched plug on the back of the unit. Overall the features,quality, aesthetics and performance all offer good value for the $ in a very competitive market.
Date de publication: 2015-09-17
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Hi I have a HK AVR370/3700 I have a Pana TH EX780 75" 4K TV and UBT1GL-K BluRay recorder. The Receiver will not pass through HDMI 2.0a HDR capabilities as it is only 1.4. Can you suggest best way to connect everything up?  I have a HDFury AVR Key also.

Posée par: PhilG
Thank you for your inquiry. Since the AVR can only handle HDMI 1.4, the best way to set this up is to connect your 4K Blueray recorder to the TV so it would display the 4K content and connect the AVR to the TV so it will only receive the audio and play it without issues.
Répondue par: Mario at Customer Service
Date de publication: 2018-06-04

When connecting to pre-out terminals to separate amplifier, does this disconnect the avr's power amps, do they shut off or are they still active?

Posée par: connerdude
In your scenario, the internal amp stays active. If you have no need for the internal amp, simply don't connect any speakers to the speaker terminals. This will make them inactive as there will be no load on them, so they would not produce any wattage.
Répondue par: Steve S
Date de publication: 2018-02-08

How can i change the default "TV" souce on the avr 3700? It is causing a glitch with my harmony remote and i would like to delete the option of "tv" if possible

Posée par: Elosh
We would like to work with you directly to help you with your issue. Please submit a case request at https://www.harmankardon.com/support-contact.html and the Customer Service Team will be more than happy to assist you.
Répondue par: Mario at Customer Service
Date de publication: 2018-01-28

Is this compatible with Harman kardon HKTS 16? I will be using just the 5.1 setup. Can this AVR be configured to work just with 5.1 sound system?

Posée par: Music Lover 4
Yes, the HKTS 16 would work well with the AVR 3700 as the 5.1 speaker system.
Répondue par: Steve S
Date de publication: 2018-01-11

Please I have hk avr 370 which is almost 2 yrs. The problem is that, can be powered on but cannot be controlled any further because it freezes.  Even though it displays when powered, the front panel keys doesn't respond to any selection. Pls any solution?

Posée par: Ato Kwamena
We would like to work with you directly for this. I see that you are in Ghana. Please submit a case at customer.support@harman.com and the Customer Service team will be more than happy to further assist you.
Répondue par: Steve S
Date de publication: 2017-12-04

Hello, Does the 3700 have pass thru capabilities while unit is in standby / off mode? Meaning, can we watch TV without the unit being powered on? Thank you!

Posée par: kamaaina1
Unfortunately for HDMI pass thru signal will not work, on the other hand if you will be using Optical connection from the TV going to the receiver. You can turn off or put the AVR on standby and set the TV speakers on to watch TV without the System.
Répondue par: Bryan at Customer Service
Date de publication: 2017-10-17

If I have 2 HDMI sources can I drive 7.1 audio from source 1 AND pass through source 2 HDMI at the same time?   Also, can I have source 1 (or 2)  go out BOTH HDMI outs?

Posée par: DaveS
No. There is no way to output two different digital sources at the same time. This is only possible to the extent of using the Zone 2, but the Zone 2 is only limited to play analog sources.
Répondue par: Joe G at Customer Service
Date de publication: 2018-01-08

Whats the best amp you recommend for the HKTS 20 that has bluetooth, wifi, optical and HDMI?

Posée par: JorgeRBQ
The AVR 3700 can be connected to the home network to play through DLNA/Airplay but does not have Bluetooth. The AVR 1610S would be your best bet, this receiver can provide you 85W per channel on a 5.1 system, ability to connect to a home network that will allow you to access vTuner Internet Radio and DLNA to stream audio from compatible devices. The AVR 1610S does have Bluetooth in which you can directly connect your Bluetooth enabled source devices. This model does have multiple HDMI and Optical ports that you can use depending on your source or preference.
Répondue par: Ren at Customer Service
Date de publication: 2017-10-17
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